Benefits of CBD



CBD for better well-being naturally. The scientific community is now unanimous on the benefits on the well-being of cannabidiol. CBD is a gentle and effective solution for achieving good mental, emotional and physical balance. It is particularly effective in relieving stress and anxiety thanks to its remarkable relaxing properties. It provides a very pleasant feeling of calm. Therefore, benefit from its action on sleep disorders. Also discover the effect of CBD on mood and sociability with a unique feeling of lightness and relaxation. Finally, cannabidiol has a positive action on the body against pain and for the recovery of the athlete.

Cannabidiol does not affect level of consciousness. Cannabis with CBD does not provide any high or stoned effects. The World Health Organization, in a report dated 2017, confirmed that cannabidiol has no psychotropic effects and poses no risk of dependence or overuse, hence its absence in the classification of narcotics. The organization concluded that CBD was not harmful to the body and acknowledged its benefits.

According to medical studies, CBD has positive effects on many chronic diseases.




Strengthens bones
Helps fight arthritis and osteoarthritis
Relieves joint and bone pain


Against glaucoma
Binds pollutants
Relieves pain


Against anxiety
Acts as an antidepressant
Improves memory


Stabilizes blood pressure
Reduces symptoms of stress
Helps prevent erectile dysfunction


Reduces psoriasis
Anti-aging effect
Reduces acne


Relieves stomach pain
Painful periods
Chronic back pain

As a result, medical cannabis has been available again in Switzerland since 2016. However, due to the intoxicating effect (caused by THC), regular cannabis requires a prescription.

But researchers have found that many of the positive properties of cannabis can be attributed to the non-intoxicating ingredient CBD (cannabidiol). This supports the body’s own vital functions and therefore the independent healing of the body, as well as the relief of various ailments. CBD is said to be able to dramatically reduce anxiety, stress, and even chronic pain. Experience has shown that age-related complaints in particular can be alleviated.

CBD is therefore becoming more interesting for medical research and more possible applications are being studied. And since CBD isn’t intoxicating, it doesn’t require a prescription. Ultimately, it is consumers in particular who benefit.